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Writers, visual artists, and composers who request financial assistance on their residency applications can receive full or partial funding from a variety of sources. All VCCA residencies are supported in part by the Annual Fund, which covers at least 50% of the residency’s actual cost. In addition, VCCA’s endowment provides more than $150,000 annually in financial aid to VCCA Fellows. A selection of annually sponsored fellowships provide additional funding opportunities. VCCA actively seeks funds to increase its endowment, with the ultimate goal of endowing all of its residencies and removing the need for artists to pay residency fees of any amount.

Certain fully-funded fellowships are available only for select scheduling periods, while other fellowship and financial assistance are awarded year round.

Sponsored Fellowships

  • 50th Anniversary Fellowships for Artists of Color: Conceived during VCCA’s 50th anniversary year in 2021 and established in 2022, 50th Anniversary Fellowships aim to provide free residencies for at least 50 artists across disciplines from groups historically underrepresented in U.S. residency programs.
  • Montana Fellowship: Funded annually through the L.E.A.W. Foundation since 2006 to support residencies by artists from Montana.

Endowed Fellowships

  • Jane Geuting Camp Fellowship: Established in 1988 in memory of former VCCA Board President Jane Camp by her family and the J.L. Camp Foundation.
  • Camp-Younts Fellowship: Sharon Camp Carter joined the VCCA Board of Directors in 2021 and in 2022 established this fellowship to support residencies at Mt. San Angelo for artists working in any genre.
  • Columbus School for Girls Endowment: Established in 2003 to support the residencies of writers, visual artists, and composers with preference given to teachers and alumnae of the Columbus School for Girls, Columbus, Ohio.
  • Columbus School for Girls for Moulin à Nef: Supports residencies at VCCA’s Moulin à Nef in Auvillar, France.
  • Barbara Crooker Caregiving Fellowship: Established in 2021 by poet and VCCA Fellow Barbara Crooker to support residencies by artists of any discipline who also caring for an ill or disabled spouse, child, or other family member.
  • Alonzo Davis Endowment for Fellowships: Established in 2004 by VCCA Fellow and former Board Member Alonzo Davis to support residencies by writers, visual artists and composers who are American citizens of African and/or Latinx descent.
  • George Edwards and Rachel Hadas Endowment for Fellowships: Established in 2012 by VCCA Fellow Rachel Hadas in memory of her husband, Fellow George Edwards, to support residencies by artists working in any genre.
  • SSG & AC Edwards Endowment for Fellowships: Established in 2013 by VCCA Fellow Mary D. Edwards in honor of Sarah Stanley Gordon Edwards and Archibald Cason Edwards to support female-identifying visual artists with preference given to Native Americans.
  • The Goldfarb Family Fund: Established in 2000 through The Aida Goldfarb Art Law Library Fund by Fellow and former Board member Ronald Goldfarb to support a creative nonfiction writer.
  • The Phillip and Eric Heiner Endowed Fellowship Fund: Established in 2005 by Frances S. Heiner of Lynchburg, Virginia, in honor of her sons to support residencies by artists in any genre.
  • Robert Johnson Endowment Fund: Established in 2018, the fund was initiated in 2006 by the VCCA Fellows Council in memory of long-time employee Robert Johnson to support the residencies of writers, visual artists, and composers.
  • Phillip and Edith Leonian Foundation Fellowship in Photography: Established in 2020 by the Phillip and Edith Leonian Foundation, this fund will support residencies by photographers beginning in 2024.
  • Patricia and Jerre Mangione Fellowship: Established in 2003 through a bequest of Fellows Patricia and Jerre Mangione to support residencies by artists over 65 years of age.
  • Bethea Scott Owen Fellowship: Established in 2013 through a bequest of visual artist Bethea Scott Owen to support writers, visual artists, and composers.
  • Sara Pennypacker Fellowship: Established in 2018 by Sara D. Young to support a writer, visual artist, or composer whose focus is on creating substantive work for children.
  • William Graves Sackett Fellowship: Established in 2007 through a bequest of VCCA Board member Billy Sackett to support artist residencies at VCCA.
  • Karen Shea and Gabe Silverman Endowment for Fellowships: Established in 2006 in memory of VCCA Fellow and Board member Karen Shea and renamed in 2013 to include Karen’s late husband, developer and arts patron Gabe Silverman.
  • The Spiral Shell Fellowship: Established in 2022 by VCCA Fellow and Board member Sandell Morse to support Fellow writers attending VCCA’s residency program at the Moulin à Nef in Auvillar, France.
  • Marian Treger Fellowship for Enduring Creativity: Established in 2021 by friends of Marian Treger, a writer, screenwriter, and visual artist whose Chronic Fatigue Syndrome interfered with her ability to fully immerse herself in the creative world. This fellowship supports women fiction writers, screenwriters, or visual artists, emerging in mid-life and beyond, whose creative paths may have been detoured or hindered by chronic health conditions or disabilities.
  • Cy Twombly Endowment for Fellowships: Established in 2011 through a gift from the Cy Twombly Foundation in memory of American artist, VCCA Fellow, and Advisory Council member Cy Twombly, this fund supports artists working in any genre.
  • Anne Spencer Fellowship Fund: Established in 2017 by Elizabeth Logan Harris, Ann Frank Harris Slaughter, and Lyall Forsyth Harris in honor of Harlem Renaissance poet and civil rights activist Anne Spencer. The fellowship supports a writer, visual artist, or composer of African American descent.
  • Wachtmeister Award: Established in 2002 by VCCA Board member Linda Wachtmeister, the Wachtmeister Award is administered by the Fellows Council and is presented biennially in rotation to a prominent writer, visual artist or composer/sound artist whose significant achievement is widely recognized.