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The Fellows Council is an advisory group that serves as a point of communication between Fellows and the VCCA Board and staff. It also administers the Wachtmeister Award, awarded biennially to an artist whose achievement is widely recognized; the award rotates among a writer, a visual artist, and a composer. The Fellows Council is composed of 10 to 12 Fellows working in a variety of disciplines. Members serve four-year terms.

Current Fellows Council Members

Executive Committee
SoHyun Bae, visual artist – New York, New York
Burcu Koray, writer/filmmaker – Istanbul, Turkey
Judith Shatin, composer – Charlottesville, Virginia

Fellows Council Representative to the VCCA Board of Directors
Christina Chiu, writer – New York, New York

Sonja Curry-Johnson, fiction writer – West Springfield, Virginia
Carla Du Pree, fiction writer – Columbia, Maryland
David Ebenbach, fiction writer – Washington, DC
Cliff Garstang, fiction writer – Staunton, Virginia
Christine Hiebert, visual artist – Brooklyn, New York
Kimberly Mack, nonfiction writer – Toledo, Ohio
E. Shawn Qaissaunee, composer – Wilmington, Delaware
Isaac Rahmim, nonfiction writer – Claremont, California

Alternate/Reserve Member
Martin Hundley, composer – Los Angeles, California

Call for New Fellows Council Members