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Life is full of distractions. That’s why artists come to VCCA.

The solitary time artists receive at VCCA allows them to focus on their work without interruptions. The few weeks that artists spend at VCCA often lead to more progress than they had made in the previous several months. The scenic outdoor views that surround VCCA’s two locations at Mt. San Angelo (Virginia) and Le Moulin à Nef (France) are relaxing and a top choice for many Fellows looking to make the most of any downtime they have.

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Two locations. Two Experiences

Mt. San Angelo

154 San Angelo Drive
Amherst, VA 24521

Le Moulin à Nef

18, Esplanade du Port
82340 Auvillar, France

Mt. San Angelo

In residencies ranging from two weeks to two months, Fellows have the freedom to work individually and interact with 20+ writers, visual artists, and composers in residence. At any given time, half of the residents at VCCA are returning Fellows, while the other half are here for the first time, creating a mutually supportive and inspiring community of peers.

Mt. San Angelo offers artists a private bedroom with private en-suite bath, an individual studio, and three meals each day, all within sight of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

I began each day looking forward to the community of artists around the breakfast table. By 9 a.m. I was in the studio, working through questions and choices that, in ‘New York time’ would have been simultaneously prolonged and attenuated. The increased volume of work was something I had come for, and I was not disappointed. The camaraderie was something I joyfully anticipated and it was warm and embracing. This was the residency I had experienced at VCCA in the past. I came looking for it, and unlike more nostalgic memories, it was just as I recalled.
-Marilyn Davidson, visual artist

Le Moulin à Nef

An immersive and life-changing opportunity.

Le Moulin à Nef, tucked away in the picturesque Gascon village of Auvillar on the left bank of the Garonne River, is on the pilgrimage route of Saint Jacques de Compostelle. Residences ranging from 10 days to six weeks are hosted in a quaint village where pilgrims wind their way past our facilities on their way to Santiago, Spain. The campus welcomes about 40 Fellows each year, with four Fellows in residence at any one time, working in private studios and enjoying a shared living experience.

My residency at Moulin à Nef was a truly transformative experience. The beauty and comfort of the studios and residence combined with the welcoming environment of Auvillar opened my ability to feel, to think, to write. In my new poems, there are the roses along the cobblestone streets, the eye in the wall on Rue Junca, the Garonne River, the egrets, the poplars and the cottonwood trees, and the market in Valence d’Agen.
-Jan Freeman, writer