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This playlist page will be updated each month to feature a new selection of works by VCCA composers. Listen, enjoy, and stay tuned!

VCCA Fellows are invited to submit a piece for consideration.


This Month's Playlist

1. Anthony R. Green | Solution for piano and percussion orchestra

The creative output of Anthony R. Green (composer, performer, social justice artist) includes musical and visual creations, interpretations of original works or works in the repertoire, collaborations, educational outreach, and more.

2. Sid Richardson | Door To The River

Composer Sid Richardson writes concert music that imbues modern idioms with emotional grit and cerebral wit. His work explores the intersections of music and literature.

3. Tony Solitro | Love’s Astronomy

Tony Solitro composes concert and stage music that draws on politics, history, literature, drama, and visual art. Examples include No More in Darkness, a meditation on Alexandra David-Neel’s journey to Tibet and More Beautiful Than Night, a cycle of gay love songs.

4. Laura Konjetzky | Fading Varnish / Verklingender Lack

Pianist and composer Laura Konjetzky’s music often involves exploring the timbral world of the piano and expanding upon it with spoken language and percussion instruments. She also composes for dance and theatre, including the Bavarian State Theatre.

5. Anna Rubin | Olive Tree

Anna Rubin started as an acoustic composer working in multiple genres but has become increasingly drawn to the integration of amplified instruments with live electronics as well as “electric stories” – richly layered narrations embedded in digital sound.

6. Faye-Ellen SIlverman | A Free Pen

Faye-Ellen Silverman composes in a wide variety of genres, ranging from chamber to choral and orchestral. Her music has been performed by organizations including the Baltimore Symphony, Brooklyn Philharmonic, Monday Evening Concert Series, and the Aspen Music Festival.


Past Playlists

September 2020

  1. Tim Peck | Moulin à Nef
  2. Laurence Sherr | Blue Ridge Frescos
  3. Gregory Mertl | A Seeker’s Song
  4. Jennifer Bernard Merkowitz | Les crapauds de la fontaine
  5. Carl Bettendorf | … à travers … encore
  6. Andrea Clearfield | Prayer to the Shechinah

August 2020

  1. Judah Adashi | Love into Concrete
  2. Iván Ferrer-Orozco | Strepito
  3. Ted Coffey | Petals 8
  4. Douglas Boyce | Quintet l’homme armé
  5. John Hill | Quartet #1
  6. Mara Gibson | White Ash

July 2020

  1. Joelle Wallach | String Quartet #2
  2. Joshua Marquez | Toward
  3. Beth Wiemann | Opera from Scratch
  4. Suzanne Sorkin | Swept
  5. James Primosch | Carthage
  6. Hayes Biggs | O Sapintia/Steal Away

Video Interview

Composers in Converation

You might also be interested in this discussion between two VCCA Fellows and composers. Thanks to VCCA Fellows Council member Judith Shatin for striking up this conversation with Robert Normandeau about his creative process and the work he produced during his month-long fully-funded residency at VCCA as the recipient of the 2019 Wachtmeister Award.