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This page is updated each month to feature a new selection of works by VCCA composers.

VCCA Fellows are invited to for consideration. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.

See this month’s playlist below. Keep scrolling for archives of previous playlists.


This Month's Playlist

1. Gina Biver | Nimbus

Gina Biver is a composer of electroacoustic music for chamber ensemble, choir, multimedia, dance, sound installations, and film.

Fuse Ensemble – Nimbus

2. James Bergin | Romanza

James Bergin is a composer, conductor, violist, and teacher. His compositions include microtonal and tonal works for chamber ensemble, solo instruments, voice, chorus, and keyboard.

3. Robin McLaughlin | Lights will find you

Drawing inspiration from metaphor and the sacred, Robin McLaughlin’s music is imaginative and energetic. She is the pianist for Catchfire Collective, an innovative chamber ensemble based in North Carolina.

4. Craig Urquhart | Wellfleet Winter

Craig Urquhart has composed close to 200 compositions for piano. His passion for the instrument is reflected in the works.

5. Eric Moe | And No Birds Sing

Eric Moe, composer of what The New York Times calls “music of winning exuberance,” has received numerous grants and awards for his work. He lives in Pittsburgh with his partner, artist Barbara Weissberger.

View previous playlists below.


Past Playlists

April 2021

  1. Rick Baitz | Hall of Mirrors
  2. Polly Pen | Arlington
  3. José Miguel Candela | Islas Temporales – Asuntos del Alma (a José Vicente Asuar)
  4. Vienna Carroll | Strawberries and Glory
  5. Jerome Kitzke | The Paha Sapa Give-Back
  6. In Memoriam: Martin Boykan | Concerto for Violin and Orchestra

March 2021

  1. Evan Williams | Dead White Man Music, II. Flow (My Tears)
  2. Jeremy Rapaport-Stein | Rose Traces
  3. Garrett Byrnes | Concerto for Piano & Chamber Orchestra
  4. Erik Gustafson | A Place At The Table: A Hymn
  5. Jack Curtis Dubowsky | Moth

February 2021

  1. Linda Dusman | Dream Prayer Observatory
  2. Rodney Lister | Not to Call Night
  3. Larry Bell | 24 Preludes and Fugues nos. 7-12
  4. Eileen Edmonds | The Rains Are Coming
  5. Chin Ting Chan | In-pulse

January 2021

  1. Aaron Stepp | Musings
  2. Nascuy Linares | Luxor
  3. E. Shawn Qaissaunee | The Spectrum of Love
  4. Luis Hilario Arévalo | Armonía del Cosmos
  5. Judith Shatin | To Keep the Dark Away

December 2020

  1. Faye Chiao and Tasha Gordon-Solmon | Cameo Cheer
  2. James Wiznerowicz | …murmurings from afar…
  3. Noah Meites | Water and Power (2016) – for violin and viola
  4. Leah Reid | Reverie
  5. Koji Nakano | Spring Breathes

November 2020

  1. Paul Reisler | White Edge of Winter/At Night the Roses Tango
  2. Bruce Wolosoff | Cello Concerto
  3. Christopher Preissing | Hello Piano!
  4. Andrew Rudin | Circadia: I. Morning
  5. Daron Hagen | Koto Concerto: Genji
  6. J. Walter Hawkes | February

October 2020

  1. Anthony R. Green | Solution for piano and percussion orchestra
  2. Sid Richardson | Door To The River
  3. Tony Solitro | Love’s Astronomy
  4. Laura Konjetzky | Fading Varnish / Verklingender Lack
  5. Anna Rubin | Olive Tree
  6. Faye-Ellen Silverman | A Free Pen

September 2020

  1. Tim Peck | Moulin à Nef
  2. Laurence Sherr | Blue Ridge Frescos
  3. Gregory Mertl | A Seeker’s Song
  4. Jennifer Bernard Merkowitz | Les crapauds de la fontaine
  5. Carl Bettendorf | … à travers … encore
  6. Andrea Clearfield | Prayer to the Shechinah

August 2020

  1. Judah Adashi | Love into Concrete
  2. Iván Ferrer-Orozco | Strepito
  3. Ted Coffey | Petals 8
  4. Douglas Boyce | Quintet l’homme armé
  5. John Hill | 10,000 Miles
  6. Mara Gibson | White Ash

July 2020

  1. Joelle Wallach | String Quartet #2
  2. Joshua Marquez | Toward
  3. Beth Wiemann | Opera from Scratch
  4. Suzanne Sorkin | Swept
  5. James Primosch | Carthage
  6. Hayes Biggs | O Sapintia/Steal Away

Video Interview

Composers in Converation

You might also be interested in this discussion between two VCCA Fellows and composers. Thanks to VCCA Fellows Council member Judith Shatin for striking up this conversation with Robert Normandeau about his creative process and the work he produced during his month-long fully-funded residency at VCCA as the recipient of the 2019 Wachtmeister Award.