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VCCA France Association

The VCCA France Association does not pursue any profit but only cultural and philanthropic activities and its objective is “to support the arts and literature in liaison with the Virginia Center for Creative Arts Abroad by welcoming artists to Auvillar, France, under conditions likely to foster creativity, and more generally by contributing directly or indirectly by all possible means to the development and promotion of both the cultural and artistic life of Auvillar, as well as Franco-American culture and artistic exchange, and any similar or related objectives.”

The members of the VCCA France Association support the artists in residence in various ways, by attending events, helping them with their various activities and projects, hosting them, collaborating on projects, helping them in their research and in translations. Every year the association organizes a dinner in the autumn, and works on projects such as occasional exhibitions or fundraising for projects. For any questions, please contact Cheryl Fortier.

Annual membership to the VCCA France Association is available for ‎€10 a year for an individual or ‎€18 a year for a couple.

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