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LONG VIEWS, an online art auction benefitting the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, is open to the public May 7-15, 2021.

We hope you’ll join us in this opportunity to collect art by many generous and talented Fellows and friends of VCCA. Proceeds will support VCCA’s mission to provide time and space to national and international writers, visual artists, and composers of talent and promise to bring forth their finest works, because the arts are vital, diversity is a strength, and creativity is essential.

To register on your phone, text vccalongviews to 243725.

See a list of participating artists below.


Participating Artists

VCCA is deeply grateful to the visual artists who have donated work to VCCA’s collection over the years and to those artists who donated pieces specifically for inclusion in LONG VIEWS. Click on hyperlinked names below to visit artists’ websites.

Special thanks to VCCA Fellows SoHyun Bae, Karen Bell, Christina Chiu, and Christine Hiebert for their work on the Fellows Council Art Auction Committee.

Shoshanna Ahart
Elizabeth Albert
Ramón S. Alcoléa
Roberta Allen
Walter Askin
Olive Ayhens
SoHyun Bae
Anne J. Banks
Nancy Bastien
Susan Bee
Karen Bell
Nelleke Beltjens
Zeke Berman
Phillip Blythe
Hedwig Brouckaert
Janet Bruce
Kellyann Burns
Charles Burwell
Fredrich Cantor
Patti Capaldi
Glad Carey
Nancy Fletcher Cassell
Suzanne Chamlin
Edward Mongomery Clift
Janette S. Coleman
Gisela Conrad
Ann Cooper
Andrea Cukier
Beth Dary
Delna Dastur
Catherine Drabkin
Corinne Duchesne
Jessica Dunne
Laura Fayer
Mary Frank
Terry Gips
Juan Manuel Granados
Alex Greenfield
Alison Griffin
David Grubb
Gwen Hardie
Daniel Hauben
Carl E. Hazlewood
Marion E. Held
Pinkney Herbert
Madelyn Hronek
Bill Jacobson
Simen Johan
Erick Johnson
Yukari Kaihori
Jennifer Karady
Bernard Kassoy
Hortense Kassoy
Wosene Worke Kosrof
Ellen Kozak
Heidi Kumao
Kathe Kurz
Ruthild Langhammer
Clever Gariazzo Lara
Magnolia Laurie
Elizabeth Lide
Pat Lipsky
Patricia Mangione
Nancy Manter
Megan Marlatt
Tom Martinelli
Margaret McCarthy
Billy McClain
Mary McDonnell
Jenny Lynn McNutt
Jeanne Meinke
Tadashi Mitsui
Mavinga Ma N’Kondo Ngwala
Sinéad Ní Chionaola
Karl Nussbaum
Morgan O’Hara
Alex O’Neal
Amie Oliver
Leon Phillips
Endi Poskovic
Carlyle Poteat
Gloria Rabinowitz
Robert Reed
Leslie Roberts
Richard Robinson
Fiona Ross
Andra Samelson
Linda Schrank
Julie Shapiro
Frankie Slaughter
Tanja Softić
Martha W. Tabor
Medford Taylor
Robin Tewes
Kim Uchiyama
Anthony Ulinski
Josette Urso
Felicia van Bork
Mindy Weisel
Ellen Wiener
Katarina Wong
Alice Pixley Young
Deborah Zlotsky