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About the Award

Initiated in 2003, the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation’s Creative Fellowships Program supports fully-funded two-week or one-month residencies at VCCA for writers, visual artists, and composers from the mid-Atlantic states. A VCCA residency at Mt. San Angelo includes a private bedroom with private bath, a separate individual studio, and meals in a community of cross-disciplinary artists.

Application Details

Current Eligibility: Writers, visual artists, and composers from Delaware, Maryland, New York, and West Virginia.

Application Opens: October 15, 2020
Application Deadline: January 15, 2021
Application Fee: $50
Notification by: March 31, 2021

Residencies Available: July 1 – September 30, 2021
Length of Fellowship: Two weeks or one month

To be considered for an MAAF Fellowship, complete the “Application for Mt. San Angelo Residencies.” All applicants from eligible mid-Atlantic states will be considered.

Artists who have previously received support through this program will not be considered eligible to receive another Creative Fellowship for the three years following a supported residency.

Previous MAAF Fellows

Deborah B. Ager, writer
Jeff Algera, writer
Ambarien Alqadar, writer
James Arthur, writer
Bonnie Auslander, writer
Miranda Austin, visual artist
Aaron Baker, writer
JoAnn Balingit, writer
Marilyn Banner, visual artist
Mahasveta Barua, writer
Julie Baxendell, visual artist
Cynthia Camlin, visual artist
Dana Cann, writer
Rebecca Chace, writer
Elise P. Church, visual artist
Jennifer Cognard-Black, writer
Anne Colwell, writer
Jim Condron, visual artist
Janet Cook-Rutnik, visual artist
Deborah E. Creasy, writer
Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson, writer
Viet Dinh, writer
Michael Downs, writer
Linda Dusman, composer
Moira Egan, writer
Amani Elkassabany, writer
Mary Page Evans, visual artist
Andrea Fekete, writer
Luis Flores, visual artist
Alan Frampton, visual artist
Edney L. Freeman, visual artist
Claudia Giannini, visual artist
Tery Aine Griffin, writer
Kirsten Hampton, writer
Gary E. Hanna, writer
Claire Hoch, visual artist
Matt Hohner, writer
Chuck Holdeman, composer
Hedieh Ilchi, visual artist
Susan Jamison, visual artist
Simen Johan, visual artist
Jeffrey N. Johnson, writer
Barrie Lyn Kaufman, visual artist
Katherine Kavanaugh, visual artist
Ju-Yeon Kim, visual artist
Jonathan Kolm, composer
Kendra Kopelke, writer
Rosemary Lane, visual artist
Magnolia Laurie, visual artist
Liana Liu, writer
Ramona DeFelice Long, writer
Irene McKinney, writer
Carrie Messenger, writer
Ellen Mueller, visual artist
Alyssa Pheobus Mumtaz, visual artist
Katharine Noel, writer
Shelly Oria, writer
James Pate, writer
Erik Pedersen, visual artist
Marie Potoczny, writer
Mary Proenza, visual artist
Shawn Qaissaunee, composer
Paul Reisler, composer
Tyler Sage, writer
Nancy Schoenberger, writer
Katherine Shortridge, visual artist
Jo Smail, visual artist
Kathy Smaltz, writer
Claudia Smigrod, visual artist
Ethel Morgan Smith, writer
Tanja Softic, visual artist
Amy Sohn, writer
Hilary Jerrill Steinitz, writer
Judith Gold Stitzel, writer
Arthur E. Stringer, writer
Natalie Sypolt, writer
Sara Mansfield Taber, writer
Kimberly Thorpe, visual artist
Heide Trepanier, visual artist
Sigrid Trumpy, visual artist
Patricia Valdata, writer
Jessie van Eerden, writer
John Van Kirk, writer
Annie Waldrop, visual artist
Joelle Wallach, composer
James Wallenstein, writer
Barbara F. Warden, visual artist
Kit Warren, visual artist
Lori Wilson, writer
Ellen Wise, writer
Sharon Dennis Wyeth, writer