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VCCA is a 501c(3) governed by a Board of Directors. Its supporting organization, VCCA Abroad, has its own Board of Directors and oversees our international location and exchange program.


VCCA Board of Directors

Quinn Feldmann Graeff, President, Roanoke, Virginia
Margaret B. Ingraham, Immediate Past President, Alexandria, Virginia
Thomas Y. Hiner, Secretary, New York, New York
Steve Slaughter, Treasurer, Richmond, Virginia

Janet Bruce, Brookneal, Virginia
Sharon Camp Carter, Richmond, Virginia
Christina Chiu, New York, New York
Hazel Duncan, Richmond, Virginia
Jacquie Glanz, Lynchburg, Virginia
Juan Manuel Granados, Charlottesville, Virginia
Elizabeth Logan Harris, New York, New York
Anne Hooff, Charlottesville, Virginia
William E. Hunt, Jr., Lynchburg, Virginia
E. Dolores Johnson, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Matthew McLendon, Charlottesville, Virginia
Steven Petrow, Hillsborough, North Carolina
Rone Shavers, Albany, New York
Cynthia Tremblay, Greenwood, Virginia
Linda E.A. Wachtmeister, Scottsville, Virginia

Kevin O’Halloran, Executive Director, Charlottesville, Virginia

VCCA Abroad Board of Directors

Sandell Morse, President, York, Maine
Elizabeth Logan Harris, New York, New York
Pinkney Herbert, Memphis, Tennessee
William E. Hunt, Jr., Lynchburg, Virginia
Suny Monk, Amherst, Virginia
Rone Shavers, Albany, New York

Honorary Members

James L. Camp IV
Elizabeth Forsyth Harris
Lucy Levis Hazlegrove
Carter McNeely
Tracy G. Savage

Advisory Council

Samuel H. Adler
David Del Tredici
Rita Dove
Teresita Fernández
Gregory Maguire
Sally Mann
Alice McDermott
Claes Oldenburg
Naomi Wolf