VCCA Le Moulin à Nef

The Garonne River, Auvillar -- Photo by Richard McCord

VCCA France was incorporated in 2006 as a French nonprofit organization under the French "law of 1901" and now offers a variety of cultural programs at le Moulin à Nef, its studio center in the picturesque Gascon village of Auvillar, overlooking the beautiful Garonne River. VCCA France is a membership organization with members in France and the United States. For membership information, see below.

Residential Fellowships

The principal program of VCCA France is the residential fellowship program modeled on VCCA in Virginia. These residencies are available to VCCA Fellows and specially invited French artists. The deadline to apply for a VCCA France fellowship is December 1.

VCCA France supports the arts by inviting artists to Auvillar to foster creativity and by contributing to the development and promotion of the cultural and artistic life of Auvillar.

Summer Workshops and Programs

VCCA France has offered intensive, hands-on writing and painting workshops and cultural tours for artists at all levels as well as for seasoned travelers.

More information on the 2015 Auvillar Workshop

Apply for a Moulin à Nef residency

Lease Moulin à Nef

When the facility is not being used for residencies or writing workshops, Moulin à Nef may be rented by universities, arts organizations, schools, and other groups and individuals.

Yale University (New Haven, Connecticut), the Southwest School of Art & Craft (San Antonio, Texas), and the Visual Arts Center of Richmond (Virginia) are among the groups who host programs or private workshops at Moulin à Nef.

For rates or more info, please contact us.


Membership levels:

Le Pont au Port: up to $5000

La Cebo: up to $1000

La Cloucado: up to $500

Le Pèlerin: up to $250

Le Romain: up to $100

Moulin à Nef:  $25


VCCA France newsletter in English and French

La Gazette du Moulin à Nef