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Julie Wosk

Genre: Visual Artist



Julie Wosk is a professor of studio painting, English, and art history at State University of New York, Maritime College in New York City.   Her mixed-media paintings--created using acrylic, ink, encaustic-- often incorporate digital photographs of mannequins and other artificial women.  Her work has  been exhibited at New York and New England art galleries.  She is also the author of four  books on technology and art, including My Fair Ladies: Female Robots, Androids, and Other Artificial Eves (July 2015, Rutgers University Press) and  Women and the Machine: Representations From the Spinning Wheel to the Electronic Age (Johns Hopkins Univ. Press. She curated the exhibit "Alluring Androids and Robots"   at the New York Hall of Science.  She is also a speaker and her talk on artificial women was taped by PBS Channel Thirteen Television in New York as one of their "Best Lectures in New York" series. For more information, see her websites www.juliewosk.com  and www.womenandthemachine.com