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Genre: Visual Artist



     I was born in Salzburg, Austria, in 1947 in a displaced persons camp after WWII. My interests in other cultures and societies have taken me on many adventures. I have lived in Canada, New York, Japan, and Mexico. My studio is currently located at the Boston Center for the Arts.


     As a multi-disciplinary artist my career has spanned several fields of interest.

In 1969, while living in Japan,  I was co-founder of Autumn Press, a publishing company specializing in books about Asia for the west. My creative energy evolved from book design and production to printmaking, and then hand papermaking (HMP). I specialized in HMP/pulp painting for twenty-five years culminating with a solo show at the American Museum of Papermaking in Atlanta, GA in 2003.

I was a founder of River Street Artists in 1985 in Waltham.MA, a studio collective art space. In 1989, I was one of the founders of the Brickbottom Artists Community, a live, workspace for artists in Somerville, MA. 

     In the past seven years my focus has shifted to Fabric Collage as a way of expressing narrative art-making.

I have been commissioned to create several public art installations, one of which was a floating LED light installation (November through May 2011) located in Boston Harbor that saved a young woman’s life when she fell into the water and managed to hold onto the art-float until rescued. My art, saved a life!

     I was jury selected as a centerfold artist for Artscope Magazine in the July/ August 2009 edition.

Five of my fabric collage images were selected for the Summer 2015 edition of Catamaran Literary magazine.

I curated a two person show show (Narrative/Non-Narrative, November 2014- January 2015) of Fabric Collage at the Fort Point Artist Community Gallery (FPAC) which received excellent reviews in the Boston Globe and Artscope Magazine.

New England BioLabs will be showcasing my fabric collage work from August through September 2016.

My fabric collage artist book titled December Meanderings At The Virginia Center For Creative Arts, was selected to be in a group show (Placemaking Objects, July through September 2016) at the Mills Gallery in Boston.

     My work is in the permanent collections (partial listing) of the following institutions:

Art Complex Museum, Duxbury, MA, American Museum of Papermaking, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., Bank of Boston, Fidelity Investments, Boston College, Harvard Vanguard, Forrester Research, Joiner Institute at UMass Boston, Newbridge on the Charles and Hebrew Senior Life