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Shelley Feinerman

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Shelley Feinerman For most of my career I have been a representational, artist who embraced the possibilities of synthesis between abstraction and representation. My paintings were always off center. And while I found great inspiration in Matisse and Cezanne; Hans Hoffman, Dekooning and Eva Hesse were also inspirational. Always a colorist, In recent years I have distilled the essence of those representational paintings into an exhilarating proliferation of pure color abstraction and whimsey that work in tandem with the representational pieces.I soon realized no choice need be made, that the purely non-objective pieces worked off of/ and gained inspiration from, the more representational work and that the reverse was true as well. I have found that for me , pursuing mixed media and collage in the figure, still life and works on paper is a invigorating. Inspired by vintage baseball stencils, the works on paper are a hybrid of color moments punctuated with organic creature-like hybrids that coalesce in sensual absurdity and in turn this outpouring has influenced the representational work.Recently I have become a member of Atlantic Gallery 548 West 28th Street. My VCCA residency was so inspiring that Iʼm hoping for that from a residency at Millay and that would eventually lead to my show at the gallery.s