Kathryn Levy: News

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  • Reports, forthcoming from New Rivers Press
    My second poetry collection, Reports, will be published by New Rivers Press in the fall of 2013.  
  • "The Home" published in Slate
    A poem of mine, "The Home," was published in Slate. Click the link to read the poem and hear an audio of my reading of the poem. http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/poem/2012/05/...
  • Slate
    A poem of mine, "The Home," was recently published in the online magazine, Slate. http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/poem/2012/05/_the_home_by_kathryn_lev...
  • Dahse Magazine
    Four of my poems and an interview with me are featured in the premiere issue of this online magazine. Here is the link:http://www.dahsemagazine.com/DAHSE01poems.pdf  
  • Dahse Magazine
    I have an interview with the poet Joe Wilkins which appears as part of a poetry section I edited for the Winter issue of Dahse Magazine. http://www.dahsemagazine.com/Dahse02Poems.pdf
  • The Southampton Review
    I have an interview with the poet Harvey Shapiro and a poem in the recent issue of this literary journal: www.southamptonreview.com
  • "Only Air"
    Composer Dennis Tobenski will set my poem "Only Air" for a new piece for soprano and orchestra commissioned by the Illinois State University Symphony Orchestra. It will be premiered in April, 2013.