Annual Fund

"Since starting my monthly pledge two years ago, I've come to barely notice it. The gift is simply an integral, natural part of my budget."

 Michael Paul Thomas - Poet and VCCA Fellow

The Annual Fund provides unrestricted operating support for artists during one of the most critical, yet most often overlooked, phases of the creative process. We need the support of individuals, foundations, and corporations to sustain VCCA as a vital part of the art-making equation. Your gift will help us meet our operating budget, and provide housing, studio space, meals, local transportation, and professional assistance.

Many foundations and corporations support the work of the VCCA, leveraging their own goals by partnering with ours. In addition to some of our major partnerships with the L.E.A.W. Foundation, the J.L. Camp Foundation, the Dodge Foundation, the Heinz Foundation, and the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, other foundations have made important contributions to the work of VCCA.

The Charles Jacob Foundation of Kenilworth, Illinois, has generously sponsored artists residencies since 2002. The Easley Charitable Trust has provided for many of the capital needs of VCCA over the years, including new vehicles, beds and chairs, and a completely new information technology system. We have also received support from the Greater Lynchburg Community Trust, the Marquis George MacDonald Foundation, the Morgan Foundation, the Beirne Carter Foundation, the Washington Forrest Foundation, and the Bama Works Fund of the Dave Matthews Band.

Corporate support over the years has come from Media General, C.B. Fleet, Wachovia, Wal-Mart, and others.

We are particularly grateful for our most recent major gift of a beautiful working facility in the south of France given to VCCA by the Donnell-Kay Foundation.