Why Support

"Supporting the arts is an endeavor that, to my way of thinking, counts among the corporal works of mercy. The arts provide a kind of defense fund for the spirit, as a friend of mine put it recently; and our spirits have a great need of shoring up, ministration, challenge and inspiration...VCCA is a haven, a harbor, a nursery, a diving board, a launch pad, a swing, a rest stop, a rodeo. There, people hunker down, anchor, plant, harvest, leap, soar, return. The fruits of these efforts belong to all of us."

—Gregory Maguire, writer, Concord MA


VCCA offers artists the three essentials for successful creative production: time, space and freedom. During the periods of concentrated effort a residency affords, Fellows are incredibly productive, accomplishing in two weeks what it takes many months to do at home. Private studios become their laboratories where they experiment with new ideas and explore new directions. The result is literature, artwork and music that connect us to the artist’s vision and inspiration, and to each other. These works enrich the cultural life of this country, and the world, in profound and myriad ways.



VCCA Annual Report