Sponsored Fellowships

Alonzo Davis Fellowship
Established 2004

Initiated by VCCA Fellow and former Board member Alonzo Davis, this fel­lowship has been established as an endowment to support writers, visual artists and composers who are American citizens of Afri­can or Latino descent. 

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2004-2010 Recipients: Rafael Oses, Sandra Jackson-Opoku, Angélica Muñoz Castaño, and Jon Lewis-Katz

Columbus School for Girls Endowment
Established 2003

The Elizabeth Ireland Graves Founda­tion funds fellowships for artists who have been students or faculty at the Columbus School for Girls in Co­lumbus, Ohio. The fund may also be used for other Fellows.

2010-2012 Recipients: Adrian Russovich, Justin Quarry, Dorianne Laux, Ellen Bass, Wilka Roig, Susan Silas, Ellis Avery, Maja Spasova, Catherine Chung, David Fludd, Jenna Dietzerm, Roth Michaels, Ching-In Chen, Heather McGowan, Layet Johnson, Christopher Preissing, Sang-ah Choi


Eric M. and S. Phillip Heiner Endowed Residency
Established 2005

Funded through the generosity of long-time supporter Frances Heiner of Lynchburg, Virginia, this residency will support a highly deserving artist each year.

2011 Recipient: Patricia Alessandrini


Fund a Fellow
Established 2004

VCCA's Fund a Fellow Program connects artists and patrons of the arts, recapturing the power of the ancient concept of patronage. The fellowship provides a month-long residency and an opportunity for the sponsor to interact with the artist.

2006-2011 Recipients: Rodney Evans, sponsored by Ralph and Jackie Bradley and James and Tanya Egan; Elilzabeth Rundorff, sponsored by Lynch and Melanie Christian and Carl Frischkorn and Rebecca Frischkorn. The 2007 Carole and Marcus Weinstein Fund a Fellow grant was awarded in fiscal year 2008 to Joshua Poteat. The 2007 Barbara and Mark Fried Fund a Fellow grant for an Israeli artist was awarded in fiscal year 2008 to composer Ariel Blumenthal. The 2008 Carole and Marcus Weinstein Fund a Fellow grant was awarded to Kathy Davis. The 2010 Carole and Marcus Weinstein Fund a Fellow grant was awarded to Leslie Shiel. The 2011 Carole and Marcus Weinstein Fund a Fellow grant was awarded to Catherine Anna MacDonald. The 2012 Carole and Marcus Weinstein Fund a Fellow grant was awarded to Kelly Cherry.


George Edwards and Rachel Hadas Endowment for Fellowships

Established in 2012

In memory of her husband, composer George Edwards, Rachel Hadas has established the George Edwards and Rachel Hadas Endowment for Fellowships at VCCA. The two-week Fellowship will be presented annually beginning in 2014. Each year, it will alternate between composer, creative writer, and visual artist.


The Goldfarb Family Fellowship
Established 2000

Provided through the generosity of writer, literary agent and former Board member Ronald Goldfarb, The Robert and Aida Goldfarb Art Law Literary Fund sponsors a fully funded two-week fellowship and is given annually to the top creative non-fiction applicant.

2006-2012 Recipients: Richard McCann, Douglas Crandell, Xunjon Eberlein, Jean Harper, E.J. Levy, Sue Eisenfeld, Inara Verzemeniaks


Harry D. Forsyth Fellowship for the Visual Arts
Established 1999
2-week residency

This fully funded two-week residency is awarded to a Sweet Briar College alumnae who has demonstrated exceptional ability and commitment in the area of the visual arts. It is not necessary to have been a studio art major during her time at Sweet Briar, but she should be currently pursuing work in the visual arts.


2005-2010 Recipients: Breinna A. McLaughlin, MaryLea M. Harris, Betsy Cunningham Morgan, Laura Elkins, Stephanie Woolsey and Kristin Herzog

Hurricane Fund
Established 2005

The VCCA Fellows Council initiated this fund to support artists displaced by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

2006-2007 Recipients: Christine M. Murphy and Tom Piazza


Jane Geuting Camp Fellowship
Established 1988

Established in memory of former VCCA President Jane Camp and endowed by her family and the James L. Camp Foundation, this fellowship provides residencies for outstanding artists.

2008-2012 Recipients: Tung-Hui Hu, Rodney Evans, Joseph Millar, Gwen Hardie, Samuel Nigro, Karl Nussbaum, Cam Terwilliger, Carmiel Banasky, Chris Robinson, Martin Hundley and Michael Lluberes

The Karen Shea and Gabe Silverman Endowed Fellowship
Established 2006

This endowed residency was established to honor the memory of Karen Shea and Gabe Silver­man, Charlottesville, Virginia.

2007-2012 Recipients: Reza Daneshvar, Cindy Taylor Walton, Ellen Bass, Corinne Duchesne, Jacqueline Jones LaMon, Katherine Min, Lindsay Packer and Joan Perlman

Komaki Fellowship
Established 2010

This fellowship funds a two-week residency for a playwright, screenwriter or filmmaker whose work celebrates the behind-the-scenes story of an activist striving to make his or her vision of a more perfect world a reality. The work will capture the powerful and positive changes effected by inspiring social activists such as Martin Luther King, or engage a social issue in an uplifting way as Randy Shilts did with Harvey Milk. On your application, please note that you are applying for a Komaki Fellowship. Next applicant deadline: January 15, 2014.

2010-2011 Recipients: Paul Mayer and Caroline Kurtz

Patricia & Jerre Mangione Fellowship Fund
Established 2003

Envisioned by Fellows Patricia and Jerre Mangione, this Fellowship supports artists beyond 65 years of age.

2009-2012 Recipients: Kay A. Murphy, Tamar Diesendruck and Carol Rubenstein

Sweet Briar College Fellow in Residence
Established 1997

Funded through the Sweet Briar College Bachelor of Fine Art Program, this fellowship provides a VCCA residency for writers, visual artists or composers who also have some teaching responsibilities at the College during their residen­cies.

2009-2012 Recipients: Manil Suri, Victor Maog, Medford Taylor, Joelle Wallach, Brigid Hughes, Masha Hamilton, Tearrance A. Chisholm, Ben George and Rosary O'Neill

UNESCO Aschberg Bursaries for Artists
Established 1996

Funded through the United Nation’s International Fund for the Promotion of Culture, this program has sponsored one residency each year since 1996 for Latin American composers under the age of 45.

2006-2011 Recipients: Pedro Malpica, Ana Paola Santillan Alcocer, Silvia Fomina and Luis Hilario Arévalo, Jorge Diego Vázquez

Wachtmeister Award
Established 2003

Originally called the VCCA Award for Excellence in the Arts, this award is endowed by VCCA board member Linda Wachtmeister and adminis­tered by the Fellows Council. It is presented annually to a promi­nent writer, visual artist or composer whose significant achievement in the arts is widely recognized.

2004 Recipients: Ha Jin, Fiction Writer

2006 Recipient: Thomas Roma, Photographer

2008 Recipient: Anna Weesner, Composer

2010 Recipient: Kia Corthron, Playwright

2012 Recipient: James McGarrell, Painter


Most Sponsored Fellowships are handled through our regular residency application process. Please note your interest in a particular program in the financial contribution section of your application.