Special Programs Now Accepting Applications

VCCA is currently accepting applications for residencies February - May 2016

Deadline to apply is September 15, 2015

When applying for a Special Program, please be sure to note which fellowship you are applying for on your application.

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Columbus School for Girls Endowment
Established 2003

The Elizabeth Ireland Graves Founda­tion funds fellowships for artists who have been students or faculty at the Columbus School for Girls in Co­lumbus, Ohio. The fund may also be used for other Fellows.


Jane Geuting Camp Fellowship

Established 1988

Established in memory of former VCCA President Jane Camp and endowed by her family and the James L. Camp Foundation, this fellowship provides residencies for outstanding artists.


Sarah Stanley Gordon Edwards and Archibald Cason Edwards Endowment for Fellowships

Established 2013

Writer and VCCA Fellow Mary D. Edwards has funded this endowed fellowship in honor of her parents, Sarah Stanley Gordon Edwards and Archibald Cason Edwards. Sarah Stanley Gordon Edwards was a professor of biology at the University of Central Oklahoma. Archibald Cason Edwards, a Greek and Latin Major at Harvard, was a businessman who published stories in Prairie Schooner.

Edwards established this fellowship to fully fund an annual two-week residency for women painters ages thirty and older, with a preference to be given to Native American painters. The first of these residencies will be awarded in Fiscal Year 2016.


Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation

Since 2003, through its Creative Fellowships Program, the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation supports a fully funded one-month residency for artists each year from the mid-Atlantic states and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Currently, eligibility is for one artist from each of the following: New York, Maryland, Delaware, and West Virginia.


Komaki Fellowship 

Established 2010 - Deadline January 15, 2016


Funded by VCCA Fellow Judi Komaki, this fellowship funds a two-week residency for a playwright, screenwriter or filmmaker whose work celebrates the behind-the-scenes story of an activist striving to make his or her vision of a more perfect world a reality. The work will capture the powerful and positive changes effected by inspiring social activists such as Martin Luther King, or engage a social issue in an uplifting way as Randy Shilts did with Harvey Milk. On your application, please note that you are applying for a Komaki Fellowship.


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