"My month-long residency has been one of the most rewarding art experiences that I have had in some time...I was able to work on two and sometimes three projects because of (the studio's) spaciousness. I arrived here with a rigid and tight approach but leave having rekindled old methods while developing new approaches to my artmaking process." —Fred Hayes, New York, NY

VCCA exists to support the creative work of the world's best artists. Residential fellowships at Mt. San Angelo in Virginia form the foundation of our program. Many of our special programs directly support that core mission; other programs complement it by offering unique opportunities to our Fellows. Regional initiatives have been established in partnership with foundations and organizations that understand the benefit of supporting the work of artists from their area. Some of these initiatives support artists from New Jersey, Montana, Washington, DC, Pittsburgh and southwest Pennsylvania, Charlottesville and central Virginia. Sponsored Residencies offer support to artists in specific areas: African American poets through a collaboration with Cave Canem, nonfiction writers through the Goldfarb and Komaki Fellowships, artists of Latino and African descent through the Alonzo Davis Fellowship.

Our international exchange program offers residential fellowships for VCCA Fellows in many parts of the world, allowing them to experience new culture and access to artists in those settings.