What Is The Annual Fund?

What Is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is a fundraising campaign to obtain donations that will support the general operations of VCCA.

VCCA's Annual Fund drive takes place twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. It is a critical source of VCCA's income.

What Are General Operations?

General Operations are essential to keep VCCA's  doors open 360 days a year. The three primary categories are facilities, grounds and wages.

What Are Facilities Expenses?

Maintenance of all the buildings and equipment at Mt. San Angelo. This includes the Fellows' residence, the studio barn, the commercial kitchen for preparing Fellows' meals, and the building the staff works in. It covers all the machinery and equipment required for maintaining these buildings — everything from telephones and copiers to cleaning supplies to groceries and appliances for preparing all the Fellows' meals. It also includes the utilities needed to operate the buildings and equipment, such as electricity, gas and water.  

What Are Grounds Expenses?

This includes all the equipment and supplies needed to keep the grounds of Mt. San Angelo beautiful and safe — everything from lawnmowers to saws. Aside from regular grooming, it includes troubleshooting. 

What Are Wages Expenses?

Wages cover the annual pay of the entire office and facilities staff, from executive director to temporary assistants called in for emergency workloads. 

If It's An Annual Fund - Why Do It Twice A Year?

It is a campaign for the money VCCA needs to operate for one 12-month period. In other words, the two drives (fall and spring), will cover all, or a signficant portion, of VCCA's annual funding needs - our operating expenses for one year.  

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Or speak with her personally: 434-946-7236.