Donor Profiles


Cal and Eva de Coligny

Eva and I have been involved and enthusiastic supporters of the VCCA almost since its beginning.  We have enjoyed every minute of the relationship – even those involving struggle or controversy. In fact, we cannot think of life without a continuing relationship with the vision and the mission of the VCCA.

Not long ago, we were talking about how we might deal with whatever might be left, when we terminate our contracts with this life. Among the most important aspects of our life are our children, our church and the VCCA, so it seemed perfectly natural to include all of those in our wills. It took such little effort; it was easy to overlook the importance of our decision. Since, it has become both more rewarding and more important to reflect on what such a thing does for us. The fact that we know we will be able to continue to cheer from the side lines and make a statement about the importance, to us, of the creative process, without agonizing about the cost of doing such a thing is wonderful.

It becomes more significant with every economically volatile day that passes. We plan to modify our bequest so that it is first a definite figure and then a percentage of the remainder. In this way, we can help with long-term endowment and capital needs, as well as provide ongoing support of operating costs.

We have vigorously collected works of Fellows, attended extraordinary occasions in most every venue the VCCA operates, and put effort and love behind every meager gift we have shared with this outstanding place, its dedicated staff and its caring volunteers. To have our wills take over when we can no longer be present is a gift of inestimable value we have given to ourselves.              

– Cal de Coligny

Long-time board member and friend Cal de Coligny and his wife Eva have been stalwart supporters of the VCCA, continuing the work of Cal’s mother, Julia de Coligny, who assembled the first Board of Directors and early supporters. As Assistant Executive Director and staff liaison for Sweet Briar College President Harold Whiteman, she had an important role in establishing the VCCA at Mt. San Angelo. She enthusiastically and often hosted Fellows for events at her farmhouse. Her spirit and her vision were important in creating the positive, symbiotic relationship between the College and the VCCA.