Artists working at the VCCA draw much of their inspiration from their surroundings. The Mount San Angelo estate dates from the 1870s, and whether strolling through the myriad boxwood trails or working in their studio in the 1930s era Normandy style barn, it is the “place” as much and anything else that makes the VCCA special to the artists working here.

You can designate your contribution, or a portion thereof, to the maintenance, upkeep and renovations of our unique setting and facilities. The VCCA is constantly working to make our physical plant more energy efficient, more inviting, and more comfortable to the artists who call Mount San Angelo home for a period of time. Simply make a note to this effect when making your contribution, or ask to discuss ways in which you might make a significant impact on this extraordinary property.

We are particularly grateful for our most recent major gift of a beautiful working facility in the south of France given to the VCCA by the Donnell-Kay Foundation.