The Great ARTdoors Festival, Hambidge, GA

The Great ARTdoors FestivalSaturday, October 15th, 201110am to 5pm The Hambidge Center in Rabun Gap, GA, USA

The Mask by Maja Spasova


The project The Mask deals with the troublesome issues of vigilance, control, lost of privacy. The project raises questions about personality, persona, identity, multiple existences, parallel lives, multi-layering in the psyche. The audience is given a number of realistic half-face masks representing the face of the artist. The audience has a total freedom to act and speak in improvised manner in front of the camera. With a mask on the face, the reserved public persona can be put on one side; the mask releases the inhibitions restraining public behavior. The participants will enter, however briefly, a world apart from the mundane reality of life. Will they adopt an existing stereotype character of an artist/bohemian or will they create totally new characters and new worlds? What happens during the state of anonymity and unrecognizability and without the social and moral bands of the surrounding group/society? The Mask acts as an artistic, sociological and psychological research and will be realized in several locations in Europe and USA. 



My Darling by Maja Spasova

With the sound installation My Darling the artist aims to create a magic contemplative landscape in the sign of love. Her inspiration: the songs of the crickets, the city-birds’ choirs, Odysseus’ journey, Orpheus and Eurydice, the loneliness of modern man. Voices calling on their beloved ones, “my darling”, “my love”, “I miss you”, create a space defined by both sonic parameters and longing.The installation is based on numerous sound spots and each visitor experiences the composition in a unique way depending on the rout chosen and the specific moment. The artist is interested in the hidden and unnoticed places of the given environment, in the dynamic between used and unused rooms and in the possibility of revealing their new dimensions. The recordings for My Darling were made at Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, US 2010 and the sound remastered by Mark Russell, London 2011. Participants: Kathleen Markowitz, Mary-Sherman Willis, Luis Hilario Arévalo, George Ellenbogen, Myong Stebbins, Katherine Fahey, Carolyn Ogburn, Richard E. Cytowic, Jeanne Larsen, Susie Hara, Annita Sawyer, Lynn Pauley and others.