Solo Exhibition: Carlos Aquilino 2011-Painting and Drawings


CARLOS AQUILINO -Painting and Drawings-

The Carlos Aquilino exhibition at the Gallery Angeles Penche in Madrid (Spain) will open on Thursday January 13rd 2011 and will run until March 1st. It shows a selection of the latest production of this self-taught painter born in Madrid, presented in three series. 

Aquilino’s Framed Scenes Series presents us with bordered worlds. Snapshots of fantastical scenes that have been deliberately enclosed, imagination controlled. Aquilino’s imagination in these paintings seems to stem from a humanised world where people appear deeply in touch with what surrounds them; figures literally morph into their environment. It is apt then that Aquilino expresses this through paintings where frames become part of the picture, where subject and surrounding become one.

Aquilino’s Nature Series explores natural forms with a fantastical zoom, pin-pointing plants and flowers and allowing them to swell to an unnatural size. Where the Framed Scenes Series played with constraint, with the overcoming and unifying of the boundaries of form, the Nature Series finds forms to overpower. Here we have dominating subjects that leave their background blurred as they grow to a triumphant and monstrous size. It is again through a warped perspective that Aquilino draws attention to form, literally plucking a flower from the ground and making it massive in order that we may concentrate on it and it alone.

Aquilino’s Drawings Series embodies everything this change in medium has to bring. There is a rush of energy in the compositions, caught in the fast pace nature of their style – a twisting and turning of surrealism materialized onto paper. The drawings are fuelled with imagination yet meticulous in detail, encouraging this breathless composition.

 Sophie Hill. Art Writer & Curator based in London