"VCCA is amazing. My studio was perfect; everything was provided that I could possibly want. I completed an insane amount of work. Nice people, beautiful grounds, good food. I found this experience too good to be true and I am infinitely grateful for the opportunity to work at such a fantastic place." —Laurel Hausler, visual artist, Beaufort, SC

Why do artists from around the world leave their studios behind to come to VCCA? It's all about the work. Typically, our artists find they accomplish more in a matter of weeks at VCCA than they can in a year at home. There is ample time for solitary work, but VCCA also offers a chance to work in proximity to 25 other highly accomplished artists with fresh insights, new ideas and stimulating conversation. All of this, far from the distractions and disruptions of everyday life in quiet, spacious, light-filled studios. The commute is not bad either: a short walk from the Fellows' Residence though the beautiful grounds and up a gravel path to the Studio Barn. On the return trip, the august Blue Ridge Mountains provide the view.