Fellows Council

Created in 1999 as an advisory group, the Fellows Council serves as a point of communication between Fellows and the VCCA board and administration, advising the board regarding matters of vital importance to Fellows in residence, including renovation of the physical plant, outreach for the highest quality artists and diverse populations, residency fees and fundraising. It also administers the VCCA Award for Excellence in the Arts, awarded each year to a non-Fellow whose achievement in the arts is universally acknowledged. The award rotates between a writer, a visual artist and a composer. The Council is composed of 10 to 12 Fellows working in a variety of disciplines. Members serve four-year terms. 

Call for Nominations

If you share a commitment to VCCA, please consider serving on the Fellows Council. It’s an opportunity to meet other Fellows, team up with board and staff members, and get an inside look at how one of the nation’s largest artists’ communities works behind the scenes.

As a member of the VCCA Fellows Council, you will:

  • act as an advisory group to the VCCA Board of Directors
  • administer the Wachtmeister Award for Excellence in the Arts
  • contribute to VCCA’s efforts to reach exceptional artists from under-served areas
  • represent Fellows’ interests and help improve the residency experience
  • nurture the engagement of VCCA Fellows and supporters
  • encourage other outstanding writers, artists and composers to join our community

Deadline: October 31, 2014

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Current Fellows Council members are:

Chair: Andrea Carter Brown, poet, Los Angeles, California

Vice-Chair: Sally Bowring, visual artist, Richmond, Virginia


Martha Todd Dudman, writer, Northeast Harbor, Maine

Holen Sabrina Kahn, filmmaker, Holmes, New York

Benjamin Marshall, playwright, Plainfield, New Jersey

Christopher Preissing, composer, Chicago, Illinois

Lisa Sewell, poet, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Enid Shomer, poet/fiction writer, Tampa, Florida

Joelle Wallach, composer, New York, New York