The VCCA Board of Directors is comprised of professionals and artists representing a variety of fields and disciplines who live and work throughout the United States and abroad. Members are elected for three-year terms, and frequently serve multiple terms. Generously giving their resources, talents and professional expertise to the work of supporting artists, they attend long and laborious board and committee meetings, travel to insightful retreats at personal expense, develop cultivation strategies and host strangers in their homes all for the purpose of furthering the goals of VCCA. These 31 individuals work diligently and selflessly to secure the financial stability of VCCA. They help to shape the future, and we are grateful for their efforts. Current VCCA board members are:


Board of Directors


William E. Hunt, Jr.   president, Lynchburg, Virginia

Robert O. Satterfield   immediate past presidentAfton, Virginia

Thomas Y. Hiner    secretary, New York, New York

Kenneth H. Jones    treasurer, Richmond, Virginia

Page Bond    Richmond, Virginia

Shelby Fischer    Charlottesville, Virginia  

Mary Fowlkes     Richmond, Virginia

Quinn Feldman Graeff    Roanoke, Virginia

Elizabeth Logan Harris,   Brooklyn, New York

Cynthia Henebry    Richmond, Virginia

Pinkney Herbert    Memphis, Tennessee

Steven Samuel High    Sarasota, Florida

Lauren Hilyard    Washington, D.C.

Elizabeth Mason Horsley    Richmond, Virginia

Margaret B. Ingraham    Alexandria, Virginia

Martee Stephens Johnson    Charlottesville, Virginia

Stanley K. Joynes    Glen Allen, Virginia

Alieda Keevil    Charlottesville, Virginia

Sandell Morse    York, Maine

Alexander Lee Nyerges    Richmond, Virginia

David Rakowski    Maynard, Massachusetts

Ann W. Ramsey    Richmond, Virginia

Tatem Webb Read    Mill Valley, California

Cynthia Tremblay    Greenwood, Virginia

Linda E.A. Wachtmeister    Scottsville, Virginia

Tina A. Walls     Denver, Colorado



Honorary Members


James L. Camp IV

Calvert de Coligny, Jr.

Elizabeth Forsyth Harris

Lucy Levis Hazlegrove

Carter McNeely

Tracy G. Savage

Elliot S. Schewel

Mrs. John D. Varner



Advisory Council


Samuel H. Adler

David Del Tredici

Rita Dove

Teresita Fernández

Gregory Maguire

Sally Mann

Alice McDermott

Claes Oldenburg

David Weiss

Naomi Wolf